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shavon jack create anew counseling daytona beach volusia county marriage therapy family couples

Areas of Expertise

Individual Therapy

When you are here, YOU are the focal point. The purpose of your individual therapeutic journey is to have your unique mental health needs met in order to foster growth, peace, and healing. During your therapy sessions, your life experiences, celebrations, relationships, challenges, etc. will receive a comprehensive review so that you may gain insight and understand ‘why??’ Receive clarification on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while receiving compassion, empathy, and a plan

Couples Therapy

Two heads may be better than one, but there are times when two heads feel discouraged, frustrated, or hopeless and can’t find their way. Whether you are in a relationship, engaged, married, or on the verge of separation/divorce, couples therapy is recommended and very effective! When in couples therapy, you will receive an unbiased opinion from a professional that is not clouded by emotions, personal investment, or judgment. The relationship dynamic, communication style(s), intimacy, behavioral patterns, family interactions, finances, conflict resolution techniques, etc. will be addressed and processed so the overall quality of the relationship will be enhanced.

Family Therapy

Although you may love your family, it is not always easy to coexist or show your love for each other. Family sessions assist with mending and improving the relationship dynamic between members while increasing effective communication and conflict resolution.  Therapy sessions for family members serve as a safe space for healing, growth, difficult conversations with a professional to mediate and inform, insight, understanding, and powerful lessons.

Life Coaching

You may not be in need of therapy sessions and that is ok! Perhaps you need insight into why you feel stuck? Do you feel unsuccessful with or limited by your life/career goals? Maybe you desire more out of life but you are unsure of where to start and how to grow. Life coaching aids you with an individual focus on maximizing your full potential, recognizing default habits that lead to demise, and understanding your thought patterns and how they contribute to your success or lack thereof. Receive personal insight to yield a return of true and transformative change when you participate in life coaching sessions!

Types of Therapy

No two clients are ever treated the same! Therapy with Create Anew Counseling Services always provides a focus that is specifically tailored to YOU. It is a firm therapeutic belief to “meet you where you are at” and allow you the safe space to disclose, process, and unload on your own individual timeline. Every technique used in your therapy session is evidenced-based treatment thus knowledge and skill are inherently applied. The intrinsic focus of Create Anew Counseling Services is for you to feel safe, comfortable, respected, and heard so you can be yourself when engaging in therapy, allowing a genuine and impactful therapeutic rapport to be established.  The modalities of treatment are as follows:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

A form of talk therapy that uses scientific, evidenced-based treatment techniques to alleviate mental health symptoms and produce solutions. This modality focuses on processing and understanding the direct relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You will also learn how to quickly identify problematic perspectives you possess and apply coping skills to alleviate symptoms that may arise as a result.

Person-Centered Therapy

A form of therapy that is a non-authoritative approach and emphasizes acceptance, nonjudgment, trust, and collaboration between therapist and client. You are revered as a person who knows the answers but your circumstances are clouding your insight. You will be encouraged, motivated, understood, and empathized with when in your session. This therapeutic modality allows you and your therapist to collaborate as partners for your mental health transformation because it is the inherent belief and trustworthiness that you are capable of the necessary growth, insight, and change.

shavon jack create anew counseling daytona beach volusia county marriage therapy family couples


“She is great at providing perspective and making challenges easy to understand, work through, and overcome."


“After our talks, I feel an uplifted relief, and have a better understanding on how to overcome these obstacles that occurred in my life."


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