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“Bronx blood may run through my veins but I love my sweet tea extra sweet and grits with salt and not sugar!”


Shavon Jack is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Author, and Life Coach. Although her roots are from the Bronx, New York, Shavon was primarily raised in Columbia, South Carolina, and loves the “duality of northern and southern culture that is uniquely married into the essence of her family.”  As she often states, “Bronx blood may run through my veins but I love my sweet tea extra sweet and grits with salt and not sugar!” In 2011, Shavon graduated with Cum Laude honors with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from The Great Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida. In 2015, she graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors with her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University in Orlando, FL. 

During her practicum and internship, Shavon was an intern at the largest and most renowned (emergency) domestic violence shelter in Orlando, FL. Her initial exposure to trauma assisted in fueling Shavon’s passion to provide compassionate, empowering, evidence-based treatment throughout all of her therapeutic services. The day after her graduation, Shavon initiated her first therapeutic experience and would complete two years as a Mental Health Counselor through community/non-profit mental health. This therapist placement has attributed to her knowledge and experience of the need for mental health in various underserved populations.

She has since worked in a Juvenile Detention Center(often deemed as her favorite job) and a Baker Act/Crisis Stabilization Unit for children and adolescents providing her the knowledge of trauma and crises for ages three to eighteen varying from chronic to acute mental health scenarios. In 2019, while still employed with the county’s only Baker Act/Crisis Stabilization Unit for children and adolescents, Shavon began her private practice journey with a community, well-respected Christian group private practice. It was during this placement that Shavon fell in love with a more personalized and long-term therapeutic treatment center. After two phenomenal years that provided tremendous insight and growth with group private practice, Shavon received her vision and was led by God to begin her own private practice.


On August 9, 2021, the doors of Create Anew Counseling Services were officially opened for the community to receive healing! It is the mission of Create Anew Counseling Services for clients to experience a profound therapeutic journey through empathy, compassion, understanding, genuineness, and knowledge. Shavon's secret to helping others heal? Simple. She prides herself on giving you a personalized, warm, candid approach to your problems. Her skillset and techniques will allow you to feel absolutely no judgment and that you and what ever you are facing truly matter to her and it is not beyond repair.



Driven by her passion and purpose, Shavon continues to craft and enhance her therapeutic techniques through continued education, speaking engagements, life coaching, and service to the community (including the mental health community). Shavon finds fulfillment in spending quality time with her loving husband and charismatic son in addition to reading and buying as many books as possible. She enjoys traveling, shopping, bodybuilding, watching football (GO COWBOYS!), and engaging in anything Halloween-related. She finds relaxation and joy in binge-watching documentaries, anime series, and thriller/suspenseful movies.

shavon jack create anew counseling daytona beach volusia county marriage therapy family couples


"I initially went to therapy for grief after losing my father. But since I have been working with Shavon, she has helped me improve in more ways than just grief! I can honestly say I view myself much differently than I did before. She has helped me recognize good and bad qualities about myself. She has given me several tools that I can use on a daily basis as well as in my life in general. I am so thankful to have a therapist who genuinely cares about me! I cannot wait to see the significant changes I will have made once after one year of working together has come! And I will continue to work with her even after she is a true godsend!"


"For years I have been struggling with maintaining boundaries with others in my life. When I met with Mrs.Shavon she was patient and kind but most importantly REAL. She pushed me to be accountable and continues to support me with whatever life brings my way." 


"Shavon is an incredible therapist. I've been seeing her for over a year and she has been a huge blessing to me. We have worked together on several different topics and she's been able to help me work through so much while keeping the Lord first and foremost! I recommend her to anyone that needs help to work through any issues that they may be struggling with. She is so caring and compassionate. I cannot recommend her enough!"


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